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From the desks of Lisa Suttora & Jeanette Cates

Dear Online Entrepreneur:

We were where YOU are right now - we had heard about social media but had no clue what to do with it. So we each started in our own way to learn about one of the biggest changes on the web in the past decade.

Two Approaches Make YOU The Winner

Lisa started by learning and listening. Then she jumped right in and started using Twitter, Facebook and many of the other social media sites. In fact, if you've had the pleasure of following her on Twitter, then you understand the quality of Tweets she sends.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg - after getting involved with social media, she immediately started digging into the social media marketing revolution to see if there was really any substance behind the talk. It was then that she went in-depth and truly learned the Insiders' Secrets to using these sites.

Jeanette took a different approach. She sat back, figuring this "fad" would pass. But she also collected some great learning resources along the way. Videos and ebooks that provide the nitty-gritty details. She even attended a couple of seminars on using social media more effectively. And she finally got on Twitter - and is loving it!

In their first webinar on the topic, Lisa & Jeanette found the response was overwhelming! People like you were hungry for practical, how-to information so they can get started using social media to market their online businesses. In fact, here is what just a few of the attendees had to say about the webinar:

"Took 6 pages of notes!"

"The value of Social Media Marketing is shocking! This webinar provided great information that expanded my
knowledge of how SMM sites can help me connect with my
customers on a more personal level. I thought I knew this, but took six pages of"

Michelle Ivanoff

"I Never Feel Overloaded"

"I always thought they were a waste of time because all I saw were business plugs, what someone was going to cook for dinner or, in the case of Facebook, I was getting "poked" all the time! Who cares? Well, I do now!

I learned how to REALLY use Facebook and Twitter as business tools!

Lisa, I've listened to you before on a few webinars and you are always full of information, but you present it in such a way that I never feel overloaded or that any of the information is irrelevant. You're the best!"

Thanks so much.
Diane Lahti

So what does that mean to you?

We've combined our resources to create this comprehensive resource for you!

Announcing Social Marketing Basics

I know - Lisa told me this is the wrong name (this refers to those who are marketing a "cause" site). But I got the URL so let's use it, okay?

In Social Marketing Basics you'll get

  • Replay of Lisa's comprehensive 2.5 hour webinar "Introduction to Social Media Marketing" - this webinar gets you off to a great start! It includes topics like

    • Who Should Use Social Media Marketing?

    • 3 Reasons Why You May Not be Using Social Media Marketing

    • Types of Social Media Marketing

    • What is a Social Media Marketing?

    • What Social Media Marketing is Not!

    • The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    • 7 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

  • Lisa's "Getting Started with Social Media Marketing" Course - this video-based course continues with Lisa's unique approach to social media. It illustrates the steps and the strategies you need to take to dominate your marketplace with social media. Topics include:

    • Which Social Media Marketing Sites are Right for Your Business?

    • What Sites to Start With (and why) and Which Ones to Put on the Back Burner

    • The 10 "Building Blocks" of Social Media Marketing

    • Getting Started with Blogs

    • Marketing with Twitter

    • Finding a Following in Facebook

    • MySpace - Yes? or No…

    • Marketing (and passive income) with Squidoo

    • How to Use eBay for Social Media Marketing

    • YouTube - Using the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World

    • Flickr, Photo Hosting Site or Social Media Marketing Powerhouse

    • Marketing in Your "Pond" with Yahoo Groups

    • Google Groups Marketing - It's Not Just a Search Engine!

    • Hub Marketing with Hub Pages

    • How to Maximize Your Marketing Mojo with "Comments"

    • Social Media Marketing Getting Started Checklist

    • 10 Top Tips to Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

  • Wow! I'm Ready To Start This Program Today!

  • 6 Getting Started videos to illustrate the power of social media sites. Here's the list of sites covered in these videos:

    • Introduction to Social Networking

    • MySpace

    • Facebook

    • LinkIn

    • Yahoo Answers

    • StumbleUpon

  • A 14-lesson video-based course on How To Profit From Twitter. These videos illustrate every step of the process. In fact, here is a list of the topics:

    1. Introduction to the Twitter Videos

    2. Twitter Defined

    3. Setting Up Your Twitter Account

    4. Creating Your Twitter Background Image

    5. Adding the Custom Image to Your Twitter Background

    6. How To Get Tweeps (Followers)

    7. Take Twitter for a Spin

    8. Twitter Tools Reviewed and Demonstrated

    9. How To Combine Emailing & Twitter

    10. How To Combine Blogging & Twitter

    11. Telecommute With Twitter

    12. Twitter Traffic Tips & Techniques

    13. Having Fun With Twitter

    14. How To Make Money With Twitter

And a whole lot more! There are at least 10 more videos that I haven't had time to catalog yet!

So How Much Is Social Marketing Basics?

If you hired Lisa or I on an hourly basis, it would cost you a minimum of $250 per hour. And given the 10+ hours of step-by-step instructional videos included in this course - well, we're talking about a minumum of $2,500.00!

But obviously that's impractical for most online business owners. Instead we wanted to make it affordable for even a new business owner. That's why we're pricing this course for only $67! That's a one-time fee - and you'll have lifetime access to these materials.

Yes! I'm Ready To Take Action!

But I'm not sure how long we'll leave the price at this point. We're adding to the resource site on almost a daily basis, so as the value of the materials grows - the price WILL go up!

"Most Informative Webinar I've Ever Attended"

"I was only able to catch the last forty five minutes, but it was perhaps the most informative webinar I've ever attended -and I attend quite a few. The things I learned in those minutes has set a new direction for my business. Thank You."

Jeff W.

Act Immediately and Receive the Following Bonus

Since we know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

Bonus #1: Answers Webinar Replay

Lisa and Jeanette recorded a second 90-minute webinar - to answer ALL of your questions. We covered a variety of topics including:

  • Hashtags and how to use them in your marketing

  • Twitter as an Idea Hotspot ™

  • How to search Twitter

  • Auto-follow scripts and whether or not you should use them

  • How to change your Twitter name

  • Whether or not you should auto-follow everyone who follows you

  • Why you don’t want to approve your followers

  • Replies and direct messages

  • Twitter and Facebook automation

  • Your Facebook Fan pages’ hidden location

  • Why you want a Squidoo lens

  • The purpose and results of Hub pages

  • Strategies to manage time on your social marketing tasks

Bonus #2: Full Resource Site

How often have you purchased a product - only to lose the download page? What happens when you get a new computer? If you lose a file? You have to go back and request the information all over again. That's one of the reasons that we put all of the resources into a Resource Site. You'll get the latest versions of the materials - plus updates all in one place.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access

Once you start using the materials you'll realize the value immediately. But you may not be ready to implement them right away. With Lifetime Access to the materials, you'll be able to go back and review them any time. And you'll be able to check for the latest information on Social Media Marketing.

Yes! I'm ready to Start With
Social Media Marketing!

I recognize that I'll get all of these materials in the Social Media Marketing site:

  • Replay of the 2.5-hour Overview Webinar

  • Lisa's Social Media video training session, complete with step-by-step handout and individual instructional videos.

  • More than 25 step-by-step videos to walk me through each of the social media sites - and how best to leverage them for my business

  • Plus the full Bonus Question & Answer session with Jeanette & Lisa

  • Full Resource Site with all of the videos, webinar replays and bonuses in one easy-to-use location

  • Lifetime Access to all of the materials. I can go back and review them at any time.


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You'll receive immediate access to the Resource Site as soon as my payment is complete.

You won't find a more comprehensive, more enjoyable method for starting and expanding your presence online via social media. So don't put this off. Get Your Copy Today!

Here's to Your Online Success with Social Media Marketing

Jeanette & Lisa

P.S. Can you afford to wait? If you don't get started today, when will you do it? How long have you been putting it off already? Get started today!


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